R_e_t_o_u_c_h is commercial photo retouching agency that has worked with a top photographers and companies across the globe. Specializes in high-end retouching, fashion and portrait retouching for magazines, lookbooks, catalogs.

Retouch Service

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LIGHT - $2.5

  Tone and density Corrections

   Blemish Removal

   Red Eye Effect Removal

   Color Corrections

   Image Cropping 


BASIC - $5

   Tone and density Corrections

   Weight Reduction

   Face Wrinkles Removal

   Skin Smoothening

   Teeth Whitening


ULTRA - $10


   Hair Retouching

   Dodge & Burn

   HDR Effects 

   Correcting makeup 

   High End background retouching

                         HOW IT WORK

1 Upload your photos to the download center (such as Dropbox, Wetansfer, or Google Drive) and send us the link along with the application form.

2 We are reviewing your request and then final payment information will be sent to you.

3 You pay the bill in US dollars (ApplePay, GooglePay,) and we will start work.

4 The R_e_t_o_u_c_h command will finish your project according to the schedule, and a link will be sent to you.



Send an email if you couldn't find an answer to your question here.

How can I submit an order on your website?
You can read “how it works”.

How can I upload my images?
You can use authentic upload centers such as wetransfer.com, google-drive, dropbox, etc. and send us the link to the related image.

How can I receive my orders?
We use wetransfer.com and send the links to you via e-mail.

Can I receive my orders prior to the schedule?
Yes, this service is provided for our customers with an extra charge.

I have an order that is not included in your predefined template. How shall I submit it?
You can submit your order according to your desirable parameters. We evaluate the cost and let you know about that.

Can I have an order as a sample for free?

How long does it take?
After receiving your order and prior to the payment, the delivery time will be announced to the customer.

Do you accept orders for wedding photos and advertisement?
These orders will be reviewed by the team and the response will be delivered to the customer in a timely manner.

Could I cancel my order after registration?
No, after finishing the submission process, you can’t cancel the order.

Can I ask for further edition after receiving my post-product?
Yes, you have 48 hours to send enquiries regarding further edition and you will receive the final format according to the schedule.

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